Yohanna Galletti

Real Estate Advisor

A little bit about Yohanna

Yohanna Galletti is not your typical real estate advisor. With a military family background that instilled discipline, dedication, and a deep appreciation for the value of a place to call home. Yohanna's military family upbringing taught her the importance of service and unwavering commitment to a mission. She brings this same dedication to her role as a real estate advisor, where her mission is to guide clients towards achieving their homeownership dreams in Central Florida. Her focus on service is unwavering, ensuring that every client's needs are met with the utmost care and attention. When you work with Yohanna Galletti, you're not just working with a real estate advisor; you're partnering with a passionate advocate who will guide you through the intricate world of Central Florida real estate while upholding the values of service, excellence, and community.